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Join Flow Juggle at Poconos Juggling Circus Arts Festival March 3-5 2023

Are you a fan of circus arts and juggling? Do you want to take your passion a step further and get involved in Poconos Juggle/Circus Arts Fest in 2023? Look no further than Flow Juggle, the best online w

ebsite for all your juggling needs.

Pocono Juggle/Circus Arts Fest

Pocono Juggle/Circus Arts Fest is open to the public March 3 (5pm-10pm), March 4 (10am-10pm), and March 5 (10am-5pm). Hobbyists and professional circus arts performers and jugglers will be in the open gym and will offer workshops that are also open to the public. The BIG Show with a full line-up of professional performers from all over the US and beyond happens Saturday at 7pm.

Pocono Juggle/Circus Arts Fest

Date and Time

Friday Mar 3, 2023 Sunday Mar 5, 2023

March 3 5pm-10pm

March 4 10am-10pm

March 5 10am-5pm


Panther Valley Jr/Sr High School, 912 Coal Region Way, Summit Hill, PA


Open gym and all workshops are free! The BIG Show on Saturday is $12 for all ages.


Contact Information

Kim Laird and Rob Barowski, Co-Organizers... cell number: 570-778-7629"

At Flow Juggle, we provide everything you need to get ready for Pocono's 2023 Circus Arts Festival. From instructional DVD’s and online videos, to props like devil sticks and diabolos – Flow Juggle has it all! With our selection of professional quality products designed to take your skills to the next level, you can master circus arts with ease.

At the camp field they will have plenty of instructors on site to help further hone your skills or teach you a new trick. Ask questions and get advice from knowledgeable performers who have spent an entire career studying their art form. We also suggest attending one of their incredible workshops at the festival where jugglers can learn even more techniques and props such as clubs, poi, hula hoops etc.,… Our experienced staff proves helpful for those looking for tips on the flow arts.


Pick up some new gear from Flow Juggle before heading out to the festival; whether it's a fire poi set or just some lightweight staffs. Be sure that what ever gear you buy is comfortable with your body type so that it will give you greater control over its movements when doing tricks during group performances. It may seem intimidating trying out different maneuvers with other experienced jugglers around; but everyone present goes through exactly what new ones go through: intense concentration. Stay focused on what you are doing - observe others try out their moves as well as notice how smooth they can be doing things that would seem intimidating yet they make them look so effortless!

Flow Juggle is dedicated to helping anyone interested become part of this exciting circus community by providing products necessary for success in competitions or recreation events -- no matter what skill level! The foundation established by learning from prior generations adds fuel to the idea that skill will grow exponentially if proper instruction is preserved during each performance challenge faced by each individual juggler vying for excellence in movement control maintenance consistency—all matters being developed jointly throughout various partnerships at events such as Pocono's 2023 Circus Arts Festival presented! Make sure FlowJuggles your source when attending this event or any other Juggling event as they have been supplying top notch equipment for the global and local community from Brooklyn NY, steps away from the Manhattan and the Brooklyn bridge.