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10 Juggling & Flow arts festival you Need To Know ❤️‍🔥😎🤹‍♀️🎪🤯🔥

Are you a juggling enthusiast or just curious about the world of Flow Arts? If so, then you’ve got to check out some of the best juggling and flow arts festivals and conventions that are held around the world throughout the year. From large-scale events boasting packed crowds to more intimate gatherings, these conventions offer something for everyone regardless of skill level or experience. Here’s a look at some of the top juggling and flow arts festivals and conventions worldwide that are worth checking out.

The International Jugglers' Association (IJA) Festival: Held every summer in different locations across North America, the IJA Festival is regarded as one of the most important events inflow arts. Boasting a competition dubbed as “the Olympics of Jugging” and featuring workshops, clinics, shows, stunt performances, competitions, plus a variety of vendors selling everything from eye-catching costumes to juggling props, including Flow Juggle, the best Juggling store for top quality of Juggling, Led and Fire 🔥 props from around the world Flow Juggle 🎪🤹‍♀️ It’s no wonder why The IJA Festival continues to be one of the top juggler events in the world.

The European Juggling Convention (EJC): Aimed at bringing jugglers from all over Europe together for sharing knowledge and ideas, The EJC is another popular gathering amongst flow artists. Every year it takes place in a different location spanning from Finland to Croatia, giving attendees plenty of sites to explore whilst practicing their craft. The convention typically features 3 sets of performances every night—most notably during its evening show which features both public and aerial acts—in addition to workshops hosted by experienced flow artists as well as vendors selling props alongside clothing designs based on popular television series such as Doctor Who.

CircusMagicFest: Hosted annually in sunny Santa Monica Beach California, CircusMagicFest celebrates circus arts culture through10 days filled with inspiring workshops, artist showcases, interactive games, live music performances and more! This magical event brings together enthusiasts from across the nation for an unforgettable celebration where those interested can not only refine their technique but also get tips from famous coaches such as Anthony Gatto - seven-time Guinness Book World Record Holder! A great spot for both beginners who just want to learn something new or seasoned professionals wanting further instruction

These are just some of highest rated Juggling/Flow Art Festivals taking place every year aroundthe globe; there are undoubtedly many more out there waiting for your discovery! Whether you're an experienced crew looking for your next topping grabbing event or a beginner trying something completely new – we suggest searching online for up-and-coming gatherings depending on what area you plan on visiting – each offering unique experiences bound make memories that'll last forever!

4. The Flowfest: This annual event takes place in Durham, NC and features live performances from world-renowned performers from many different flow arts branches. The Flowfest also has a strong emphasis on education and skill building, with workshops offered by international flow artists and teachers.

5. Flow Jam: This is an international festival, having taken place in locations like London, Berlin, New York, San Francisco and Montreal. Flow Jam consists of open jams and challenges as well as demonstration acts from renowned artists.

6. International Jugglers’ Association (IJA) Festival: This is the longest-running juggling convention in North America and one of the most respected gatherings of jugglers worldwide. The IJA Festival takes place during the summer months in various U.S. cities across the country every year and features shows, competitions, workshops and more for all levels of skill!

7. FireDrums: FireDrums takes place twice a year at numerous venues across the USA and Canada immersing attendees in an unforgettable fire spinning experience featuring demonstrations from interactive performance teams, classes for all ages (even if you are just starting out!), nightly cabaret showcases and flaming after parties! 5. Flow Arts Institute: FAI is a unique gathering focused on both movement embodiment work as well as intensive skill development gather that is held annually in Northern California each spring or fall season (depending on the year)!

6. Burning Man Decompression: Although this doesn't take place annually it's still worth mentioning since its such a mega event within the broader art community! Held each year post Burning Man to continue bring together like minded Burners with amazing art installations, silent disco/DJ sets, yoga & meditation classes as well as plenty of interactive art activities including flow arts! Yours, Truly; Flow Juggle was doing Fire Safety and performing on it for the last few years, with the Floasis/Combustion team, back in the days, and for a team Lead By Sage Sovereign in 2022

7. Spin Fest : A huge gathering mainly based around poi spinning that occurs annually at Burg Perchtoldsdorf near Vienna for 4 days! Featuring lots free style play & performances but also daytime workshops probing deeper into theory/technique as well more intimate conversations links to personal growth journey 😊

8 . Freestyle Emporium : An 6 day extravaganza devoted completely to practising & learning new freestyle juggling moves that happens once every year dedicatedly exploring spins , patterns , solo technique with enough time create own personal style routine too !

10 . Cascade Juggling Fest : Located beautiful mountain valleys in Vallocaia near Liguria Italy, Cascade fest provides couple of intense days of studying technical details of traditional ‘conventional’ props 7 balls techniques along special circus skills themed conversation salons with internationally respected instructors so that beginning amateurs can benefit new knowledge base workshop panels meant experienced skilled ones further hone their craft ☀️