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Like it Hot? Feeling Edgy? Keep you game Lit and Sharp!!! Check out our new Juggling Knives and Gora


Juggling Knife

The 'Sabre Three' Juggling Knife has a redesigned, drop-resistant, rounded blade tip and wider, blunted blade edge. It also has a very solid blade and handle which is completely rattle free. This combined with the 'soft-catch' wrapped handle and total weight of 300g makes this knife a dream to juggle. But don't worry! The audience won't see any of this additional safety. With its honed blade the Sabre three is still the scariest looking knife around. N.B Knives can be dangerous to juggle and should only be used by professionals or experienced jugglers.

On Sale 1x$25 3x $75 5x$111 6x $135

Brand:Juggle Dream



Gora "TRAVEL" Fire Contact Staff - 1.5m 100mm Wick

3 pieces -Travel size 0.6M (will fit on your camel back)

Gora presents his 150cm travel staff variation of the amazing Gora Contact Staff. Using similar technology to the Concentrate Fire Staff locking system the Gora Travel Contact Staff behaves and performs just like the original model but with a little added weight. It is also essential to ensure that the staff is locked in place and secure before spinning with lit fuel. This staff is wrapped in a generous amount of EPDM rubber and sticky tennis grip making ideal for lots of body contact. As with the whole Gora staff range the core is constructed from 7075 aluminium - super strong yet reasonably light. There's also the added bonus of protective black silicone to reduce the amount of exposed metal work. The staff also comes fitted with 2 of Gora's inverted rubber 'Flowers' which are great for slowing the staff down and add a little weight towards the end of the staff giving it great momentum. The Wick used is 100mm Quality Kevlar® When broken down the two end pieces measure 55cm and the centre piece measures 60cm.


Travel Length:0.6m

Wick Size:100mm Kevlar®


Player Level:Advanced Adult


ON SALE $180 or 2x$340

6 section Travel Fire Hula Hoop by Gora

The hoop dismantles into 6 tube sections and fire stalks. The stalks are made from steel wire so they are flexible and resistant to drops. Each stalk screws directly into the hoop, attaching each section to the next. This means there are no protruding screws or sharp edges once the hoop is assembled. You can also assemble the hoop with regular screws (provided) so you can practice without the fire heads. The hoop is covered with sticky tape for the better control, and reflective mirror tape for the glimmering effect. Diameter: 1.05 m weight: 1 kg

On Sale $200


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