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The work of one of the most relevant, biggest and most overlooked underdog genius of our times, the legendary physicist, known by plenty of grandeur's names such as the father of the information/technological age ,

Claude Shannon (1916-2001) is nothing short of revolutionary. From his 1948 tokenized communication systems to his groundbreaking collaboration with Warren Weaver on The Mathematical Theory of Communication (1949), he established the essential principles for the transmission, storage and manipulation of digital information using concepts like entropy, redundancy and signal processing. As summed up in the words of esteemed journal, 32(2):189—201, Shannon’s remarkable contributions have enabled us to transform our digital world from a relatively unpredictable one into a reliable source of data.

But while his visionary insights into data communications remain timeless, Shannon wasn’t just another tech genius — he was an eccentric genius who famously juggled while riding a unicycle and constructed robots out of scrap materials! With that spirit in mind, why not get inspired by Shannon’s work and look for images of him on his unicycle? They provide a vivid reminder that practical applications can emerge even when spinning a wheel — quite literally.