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Juggling Meetings, Spin and Circus Jam aka Where the jugglers @?

The Floasis 1342A Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn NY 11221 - Spin Jam. Tue 8pm-midnight - Circus Jam. Sun 6-10pm

Bryant Park Juggling Mon–Fri, noon–1pm; Tue, thurs & Fri

5:30–7:30; Sat 11am–2pm

Violet Circus Arts. NYU circus and Juggling Club Wed 5–8pm. Washington Square Park NYC

​Brooklyn Juggling Club Mon & Wed, Noon–1pm. East Cadman Plaza

Brooklyn NY 11201

West 34th Street Juggling (not active) Mon–Fri, 8-9am. Herald Square, 34 St & 6 Ave NYC Mon–Fri, 1-3pm. 1 Penn Plaza