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What is Flow Why and should you care?

Welcome to the blog about flow arts!

Flow arts refers to a blend of martial arts, dance, and acrobatics combined with various props such as staffs, poi, hoops, swords, fans, and even juggling clubs. This (North American) holistic approach works to bring together different disciplines from all over the world while incorporating the use of creative props. The various disciplines used in flow arts has origins from Middle Eastern dance forms, Chinese Kung Fu and Shaolin Martial Arts.

In this blog we will delve into the various aspects of flow arts focusing primarily on traditional styles of dance and martial arts as well as which props are commonly used in each discipline. We will also discuss some more modern forms of flow art that have emerged lately such as fire performance or contact juggling. Additionally we will look at the ancient origin stories behind certain props and explore how different cultures used them for expressions of self expression or leisure activities.

In addition to these two primary areas we will examine the circus disciplines found within flow arts including acrobatics partnerships objects manipulation (juggling), pole dancing aerial acrobatics etcetera. We’ll explore their history and attempt to discern why they have become popular in today's culture. By taking a close look into these activities we can gain more insight into what it is that makes them both captivating and desirable for anyone wishing to get involved in flow arts.

Finally this blog aims to provide foundational information for anyone interested in learning more about flow arts from an educational standpoint; from contemporary methods like beginners classes provided by professional instructors to alternative unstructured learning methods built around fostering self progression through experimentation practice exploration and convenience. It is our goal to inform readers how best they may harnass this knowledge so that they may make strides towards becoming a confident practitioner who is better enabled with an ever increasing level of efficiency fluidity control power grace skill expression communication musicality musicality creativity improvisation confidence health safety awareness connection meditation focus harmony spontaneity energy efficiency mindfulness understanding kindness passion love joy courage strength relaxation partnership trust commitment mindfulness endurance solitude integrity interaction capability flexibility excellence unity wisdom love movement mystery play animal flow stimulation respect purpose balance celebration vibration inspiration vitality determination empathy giving fellowship epiphanies freedom compassion hypnosis order laughter reverence aliveness intelligence surrender elation journey grace risk friendship oneness hope empathy healing dynamics creation vibration influence growth knowledge power balance rhythm fearlessness cooperation silence bliss respect breathing outcome symmetry surprise faith enjoyment profundity honor benefit dimension surprise exploration abundance patience confidence ease illumination empowerment connection trust humor divinity transformation joy simplicity transformation listen continuity appreciation regeneration strength imagination fun flow artistry humanity perspective destiny family playfulness awe uniqueness contentment bravery collaboration heart expansion connectedness emotion exploration potential appreciation moonlighting friendship mastery trance intuition synergy presence release act