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Weekly Juggling and Flow Arts Meetup Schedule for New York City, Nov-Dec 2022

When and where are the Juggling meetings this season?

Short answer: in many places almost every day. More details? Just scroll down...

There are Juggling and Flow Arts Meetups in NYC every day but Sunday. If it is Sunday, you can post meetup ideas on the Flowmies channel to invite others to join you, otherwise, there's at least one juggling meeting somewhere that you can join. Check our newly updated schedule below, and come back to this page, because we will continue to add new events, meetings, and interesting stuff.

Grab your toys and come play with us, or just come and you can play with someone else's toys, or you can buy props at the Flow Juggle web store at

As always, Flow Juggle offers free delivery to all juggling meetings in NYC. Contact me for details at or @FlowJuggle on IG

Weekly Juggling and Flow Arts Meetup Schedule:

_Bryant Park at 42 St in Manhattan_

Monday through Friday: 12pm - 1pm

Tuesday: 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Saturday: 11am - 2pm (until January)

_Herald Square at 34 St in Manhattan_

Monday - Friday: 2pm - 3pm

_Violet Circus Arts at Washington Square Park_

Wednesday: 7 pm - Late

_Gertrude Ederle Recreation Center at 60 St in Manhattan_

Thursday: 6pm - 8pm

They usually give you a free trial once, but you need to get a Rec Center Membership to attend. Fees vary by age, NYC residence status, and other factors.

  Hi Fam!

Every Tuesday we'll be Juggling at Bryant Park from 6:00 pm, then (9:00ish) we usually go to Tompkins Park or Washington Square Park, to continue juggling until close to, or after midnight. But that's not all, Bryant Park's Jugglers also meet Monday to Friday at noon and Saturday from 11 AM to 2 PM.

Usually, the meetings are by Bryant statue right behind the public library. Still, meeting points within the park can change throughout the year, depending on the setting of the different activities taking place at the park.

NYU Violet Circus Arts and juggling meetings in Washington square are now happening till late at night.

Violet Circus Arts is an NYU club

that seeks to promote the circus

arts of jugglery, unicycling, object manipulation, poi, and more.

We meet every Wednesday at Washington Square Park for our

weekly practice sessions, from 7 pm (often quite late into the evening!).

Any extra meetups will be posted here!

NYU Page:

As always, we offer free delivery to all juggling meetings in NYC.

Hey Fire Flowmies! We would also like to remind you to hurry up and reserve your tickets for the upcoming Fire Spin Jams and fire safety workshops at Liminal Space.

For more info enter the Combustion Facebook group.

Liminal Space (click on Fire Spin Jam):

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We also want to thank all our Friends & Customers who stopped by not only to see but to try our toys with their own hands, we had an incredible time! We're looking forward to juggling with all of you again in our shop or anywhere around the world.

FOR Fire Jams and Safety Workshops Check our Blog Post @FlowJuggle