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New Year 2024: Exciting Updates from Flow Juggle!

Greetings Flowmies,

As we step into the vibrant New Year of 2024, Flow Juggle is thrilled to unveil a winter season brimming with indoor festivities, classes, and special events designed for our juggling aficionados!

Indoor Winter Juggling Extravaganza🏠 Indoor Venues: We're expanding our indoor juggling sessions to keep the fun going, regardless of the chill. Stay tuned for an array of events hosted in warm, welcoming spaces that foster our community's creativity and passion.

Skill-Sharpening Classes🎓 Enhance Your Craft: Get ready for a lineup of juggling classes that promise to fine-tune your skills and introduce innovative techniques. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned juggler, there's something for everyone!

Community Gatherings and More🎉 Connect and Thrive: Beyond juggling, we're organizing community gatherings that promise laughter, learning, and the joy of sharing our common love for the art. These events are perfect for making lasting memories and friendships.

Upcoming Outdoor Jams🌳 Dumbo and Washington Square Park: Details on our exhilarating outdoor jams at Dumbo Anchorage and Washington Square Park will be announced soon. These sessions are your chance to juggle beneath the open sky and revel in the beauty of our city's landmarks.

Stay Informed!📢 Announcements on the Go: Keep an eye on your inboxes and our social platforms for real-time updates on jam schedules, event details, and surprise pop-ups!

As we gear up for a year filled with throws and catches, Flow Juggle remains committed to creating spaces where joy, learning, and community spirit can flourish even in the coldest of seasons.

Happy New Year, and keep those juggling balls in the air!

Flow Juggle Team