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Join us for the last Circus JAM @ Floasis-FlowJuggle


The last Sundays Circus Jam at Flow Juggle Floasis. Future Jams TBA

Come say goodbye to this beautiful chapter. Fam, I love U. Thank you for being part of it. U will always have a very special place in my heart. Being errant is part of our nature, we can heat it or love it, but we try to flow whit it. Looking forward to keeping seeing U all, and the new faces, spreading our message of inclusion, safety, love and respect., in new places having new adventures. I usually don't talk here much about me, I'm a triple errant, Argentinean, Jewish and Circus. My beloved Fires Gypsies, we'll keep seeing each other around the globe, probably gather by the everlasting flame. Keep passing those torches. Bur Bright Yours, Martin . Gathering of Jugglers, Hoopers, Poi, Levi, Fans, Dragons, and all kind of (Fire and non-fire) "staff" & props and Flow Arts Spinners, for practicing together. All levels are welcome, come to share our learning processes. Provide an opportunity for experienced jugglers and spinners to burn in a safe and supportive environment. We have a wall full of toys for you to play including our NEW JUGGLING Shop Flow Juggle & Where you can find great Juggling Clubs, Led's, Torches, Diabolos, Bouncing balls and more with Duvetyns, props and fire retardant Sleeves, T-Shirts, Pants, Hoodies and accessories from 3RdEarthFireproof. HAMOS ESPAÑOL!!! Orale, Chido, Copado, Buena onda, Posta! You don't need to take any classes or buy anything to join us at Flow Juggle - Floasis, u can use our toys ( not for fire) or bring yours, or if you want to buy we have great Juggling and Flow Arts equipment at amazing prices! Henry's Clubs $25 Each Kosmos Juggling clubs 3 x $70 Juggling Balls, set of 3 $15 - set of 5-$22 We specialize on Juggling clubs and balls, staff, fire and led props. We carry the best brands from around the world. Led Balls $15, diabolos, Staff, Dragons, Fire hoops, contact, torches, wands, flower sticks, unicycles and much more... Suggested donations $5 and an extra $5 if you burn




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