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Jamming today & Jamming tomorrow

Grab your toys and play with us

Hi Fam!

Today, like every Tuesday, we'll be Juggling at Bryant Park from 6:00 pm, then (8:30ish) we go to Flow Acro Jam (indoors) at Om Factory ($10) from 9:00 pm till 10:30 pm, after that, Washington Square Park. But that's not all, tomorrow we have our Wednesday Jam, we'll meet at 110 Studio (110 Troutman Street, Brooklyn)

Hey Fire Flowmies! We would also like to remind you to hurry up and reserve your tickets for the Fire Combustion Spin Jam at Liminal Space, the latest dates are: -Wednesday 3/9/22 9:00 pm -Wednesday 3/30/22 8:00 pm -Wednesday 4/13/22 8:00 pm -Wednesday 4/27/22 8:00 pm

For more info enter the Combustion Facebook group

Follow us on our Instagram, Facebook, and on Circus Jam Facebook to stay updated on more Jams

We also want to thank all our Friends & Customers who stop by not only to see but to try our toys with their own hands, we had an incredible time! were looking forward to juggling with all of you again in our shop or anywhere around the world.

Many thanks to Adrian Arevalo (Fire Juggler) for astonishing us with his excellent skills

to CJ Showkid and his Family for coming to visit us!

But it doesn't just stay there, we also take our toys to party around Brooklyn to end up at House Of X