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Errants, Homies & Flowmies Nebula 2.0 - SUMMER 2022 Pre Sale Exclusive 3 LED Clubs + $160

Nebula 2.0 - SUMMER 2022 LED JUGGLING CLUBS* Rechargeable* 4 - 8 Hours of Glow Time!* Magnetic Programming* Program Memory (2)* 42 Colors* Fixed Colors* Strobe and Fade Effects* Customizable Mixed Colors* Fixed Flashing Programs* Demo Mode* 210 gr / 0.46 pounds* 52 cm / 20.5 inches Nebula 2.0 is the perfect choice for Burners and Semaforistas alike. Super Resilient, Budget Friendly. Gives you more bang for the buck. The external plastic is HDPE for the body and core and a special low-density PP makes the twisted handle very comfortable. The core manages 2 latest generation LEDs, ultra-brightness LEDs (+9000 McD) that are strategically located to provide perfect light distribution. At Kosmos we believe in protecting the environment and the conscious use of resources, that's why we choose rechargeable batteries, our rechargeable NiMH battery is the most resilient for products that receive constant stress and can hold power for many more hours than any other kind currently being used by other LED props. Retail Price $70 Each PRE ORDER Special Price is available!$160 (3 Nebulas 2.0 + Charger + Bag + Magnet) Use Coupon code "Presale"

Errants, Homies, and Flowmies. WE GOT YOU. Glow Flow without breaking the Bank; our special product, for our people, at these special times.