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El Flow NO se vende. But you can buy the props

Find Your Flow with Flow Juggle - LED Flow Arts and Juggling Props Showcase #flowjuggle #ledprops #dumbo

Welcome to Flow Juggle, your one-stop shop for all your flow arts and juggling needs. In this video, we show you some of the amazing LED props that we sell at our shop in Brooklyn, NY. Whether you want to spin poi, toss clubs, twirl staffs, hoop around, levitate wands, or roll balls, we have something for you!

Flow arts and juggling are not just hobbies. They are forms of art and movement that can enhance your creativity, coordination, concentration, and well-being. They can also help you express yourself, connect with others, and have fun. Flow arts and juggling are lifestyles.

But what is flow? Flow is a state of mind where you are fully immersed in what you are doing, where you feel joy, satisfaction, and harmony. Flow is when you are in sync with yourself, your prop, and your environment. Flow is when you are free from distractions, worries, and doubts. Flow is when you are at your best.

You can not buy or sell flow. Flow is something that you experience, something that you discover, something that you cultivate. Flow is unique to each person, and it depends on many factors, such as your mood, your skill level, your goals, and your preferences. Flow is not a product, it is a process.

But you can buy the flow arts and juggling props that can help you find your flow. That is where we come in. We are Flow Juggle, a family-owned business that specializes in LED flow arts and juggling props. We are located at 145 Front St, in the heart of Dumbo, a vibrant neighborhood with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. We have a wide range of products, from beginner to advanced, from simple to complex, from classic to modern. All our props are durable, rechargeable, and have amazing performance and handling. We also offer classes, workshops, and events for all levels and ages.

If you are looking for quality equipment and services to inspire your flow journey, look no further than Flow Juggle. We are passionate about what we do and we love to share it with our customers and community. Come visit us today or check out our website at for more information and online orders.