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Don't buy your tickets for EJC 2023, (Yet)!

A lot of pieces are moving , stay tuned for updates; this is the official communication.

European Juggling Convention 2023


Dear jugglers,

Today (24th Jan) we received bad news. We cannot host EJC 2023 in Gormanston Park. This was for a combination of reasons, given the political and economic climate.

The convention is not cancelled. However, we would urge people to stop booking flights and making travel plans.

Our first action in response has been to investigate, and reinvestigate, some venues around Ireland and contact our national tourism board for help.

We have decided to continue working until the 28 February, and make a final decision with the EJA.

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At Flow Juggle, we provide everything you need to get ready for the European Juggling Convention, EJC 2023! Our selection of professional quality products – from instructional DVDs and online videos, to props like devil sticks, diabolos and LED juggling clubs like the JS2 KOSMOS and Nebula — make it easy for you to master circus arts with ease.

The festival will have plenty of knowledgeable instructors on site to help further hone your skills or teach you a new trick. Ask anything you need and get advice from experienced performers who have spent a lifetime studying their art form; plus, attend one of their incredible workshops where jugglers can learn even more techniques and props such as clubs, poi, and hula hoops! Flow Juggle’s experienced staff is also extremely helpful for those looking for tips on the flow arts.

Juggling festivals are a great way to make friends and improve your skills while having lots of fun! So be sure to pick up some high quality gear from Flow Juggle before heading out — whether it’s a fire sword, a Dragon 🐉 or just some light weight staffs that fit comfortably with your body type so that you can have greater control over its movements when doing tricks during group performances. Don't worry about trying out new stunts with other experienced jugglers around — everyone present goes through exactly what newcomers go through: intense concentration. Stay focused on what you are doing - observe others try out their moves and take note of how smooth they make things that would seem intimidating look so effortless!

Flow Juggle is passionate about helping anyone interested become part of this exciting circus community by providing top quality products necessary for success in competitions or recreational events—no matter what skill level! The foundation laid by learning from prior generations adds fuel to cultivating the idea that skill grows exponentially when proper instruction is preserved during each performance challenge faced by all individuals eagerfor excellence of movement control maintenance consistency—all matters developed cohesively throughout various partnerships at events such as IJA and the European Juggling Convention, and Circus Arts Festival presented! Make sure FlowJuggle is your source when attending this event, or any Juggling event, as we've been supplying top notch equipment for both the global and local juggling community since our humble start in Bushwick, and now located in Downtown Brooklyn, A BLOCK AWAY FROM BOTH, THE MANHATTAN AND BROOKLYN BRIDGE!