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Exciting news, Take a seat. Qu Ax Eleven Saddle.

Exciting news, Take a seat. Qu Ax Eleven Saddle.

I was very excited with anticipation about Kris Holm working with QX on a saddle, In fact from the half dozen unicycles I have for personal use, my two favorites are a hybrid 36, Viveca (CIRCUSNYC.COM) gifted me, and what I use to commute daily: my “Yellow Beast” 27 and 1/2 Muni from Q X. I've been looking for a big size Muni for a little while, and there are plenty of beauties out there. But QuAx offer me an amazing 27 and a 1/2 Muni for a price that I could actually afford. That's why I got so excited when I hear That Kris Holm, was creating a saddle for them. The Qu Ax ELEVEN, Versatile Muni narrow shaped saddle is everything I expected and more. Now I have it and I love it. They made it again, reclaiming their place among the best, budget friendly without compromising, just what I was hoping for. High end amazing seat, for a very reasonable price. I can finally afford to ride my 27.5 Muni on a Kris Holm seat. I would recommend it to everyone. Hands off. YMMV, In my case the more miles I put on it the more I love it.

  • developed with Kris Holm basing on his Fusion series

  • Double Density-Foam: two different foams: one smooth on the surface and a more dense on the inside to guarantee comfort on longer distances

  • compatible with T-Bars, reinforcement plates and KH handles compatible mit T-Bars, Reinforcement-plates sowie KH-Griffe

  • 765 g