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Flow Juggle ❤️‍🔥Flow Charts

I came across beautiful post by Chris Jost, on the Juggling Home FB page. I asked him to give a little intro to it to share it on the blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Original post

Hi all! The 3-ball flowchart version 2.0 is finished! It has 181 tricks on it, including a claymotion category. As promised, here is the original version for free! Thanks for all the support! Follow me @alchemyjuggling on Instagram if you find this useful also have a website, though it will be down for a bit)

I made this flowchart over the course of a couple years after spending a lot of time thinking about the 'general lexicon' of 3-ball juggling. I have always been mainly a 3-ball juggler and i noticed that even though the lexicon continues to grow all the time, the resources online can't seem to keep pace. I have also kept busy thinking about how tricks interact and relate to each other and how to visualize data. The flowchart was a combination of these 3 things. It is intended to be wall art that is also functional (I recommend crossing off tricks with a dry-erase marker as you learn them :) ). The poster is laid out both in order of approximate difficulty (though this is fairly subjective) and based on tricks that have similar elements. Each trick is sorted into a category of mess patterns, body throws, boxes, showers, column patterns, siteswap patterns, non-continuous patterns, and miscellaneous patterns (though, the original flowchart does not have non-continuous as a category). The second version of the poster has around 100 more tricks on it and is more refined. The original version is available digitally and links to tutorials for the tricks that had them. Hopefully the chart inspires people to make more tutorials! Both posters are available on my website:

I made the first version available for free because I want to give back to the community that has given me so much. It is available under "resources." If you would like to support my work, please consider picking up a V2 poster :)

by Chris Jost




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