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CircusAid: Spring into Action April 23 2018 at 7 PM - 11 PM BIZARRE Bushwick 12 Jefferson St, Brookl


Welcome to the monthly Benefit Show produced by Aneya, Bella Vita, and Vanessa. All funds go towards CircusAid and the social relief effort this non-for profit provides to refugees camps surrounding Athens Greece.Aneya, Bella and Vanessa will be volunteering their time this summer to this relief program and they will be bringing their circus skills and talents to provide day camps, workshops, aerial arts, performance building skills and classes.They will be working with children and adults from Syria, Afghanistan, and northern Africa to help relieve anxiety from all who are facing the resettlement crisis in that region. This show is produced to raise awareness of the relief efforts needed around the world. This is artistic activism at its finest. Bringing talent from all over NYC who will perform for a good cause. So its with great pleasure to announce this months fabulous performers,Host: Heather Mo'WitzStage KittyCorn: Bunny Smiles BurlesqueDoor: Mitchell MurdockPerformers: @Anna ShevitzApril BruckerDickie SmallsBella VitaVanessa BaskinCherrie SpriteScarlett CeriseSe Ecks WolfE.LethalKitMartin KalwillDez CruzBrendan SchwedaJeane HarlotNelson LugoJayne DoughCountess Eden



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