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Congress of jugglers 2018 Maryland April 20-22

 Join the UMD Juggling club for this year's Congress of Jugglers! EVERYONE is welcome. Bring your friends! Bring your family! Tell strangers you see on the street! WHAT: The Congress of Jugglers has been an annual juggling convention for those on the East Coast for more than 20 years. This year there will be a $5 entrance fee, which includes the weekend of juggling and the show. The purpose is to have fun, meet people, learn new things, and teach new things. WHERE: - Ritchie Coliseum at UMD - concrete in front of Ritchie for fire - Hoff Theatre for the show WHEN : Friday April 20th to Sunday, April 22nd - Friday: 5PM-12AM - Saturday: 11AM-12AM - Sunday: 11AM-4PM INFO: - Fire juggling Friday and Saturday night - Show on Saturday evening in Hoff Theatre (8pm) - Games on Saturday and Sunday - Raffle of juggling props (winners announced at the show) - T-shirt sale - Bag sale - FREE workshops GAMES: - Quarters for Time (everyone juggles three quarters, when they drop they leave them, winner gets all quarters). - Diabolo high toss, height measured in seconds. Juggling pass around (teams of three, two passing, one in the middle, sideways to the other side of the gym and back) Unicycle Hockey and Basketball Feel free to suggest some more! T-SHIRT PRICES: - This year: $25 - Last year: $20 - Anything else: $15 BAG PRICES (made from old t-shirts, cost is based on shirt cost and manual labor, we made them ourselves!): - Large: $30 - Medium: $25 - Small: $20 WORKSHOP SCHEDULE: TBA PERFORMERS: TBA Don't worry about props and equipment if you don't have your own, the club will be bringing our supply and I've never met a juggler that wasn't willing to share. Learning is not limited to workshops! If you ask around you'll always find someone willing to teach. FIRE SCHEDULE: ~9PM: FIRE EACH NIGHT! IMPORTANT: - If you would like to host a WORKSHOP, or would like to perform in our SHOW or would like to SELL YOUR WARES please contact the Juggling Club Officers at - leading a workshop doesn't have to be complicated (though you're welcome to teach anything you'd like), many people don't know the basics of what you're best at so we encourage people to host a workshop of all levels, whether it be 3 ball cascade or 5 clubs on a unicycle :) We will be updating as it gets closer to the date, so please come back and check! 

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