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U R Doing It Wrong! Why Most People Think They Can't Juggle, When They Just Need To Tweak a Memory..

It's easy to see why most people think they can't juggle. After all, the first time that many of us try it, we end up fumbling and dropping the balls. But oftentimes this is simply because we've tried to learn how to juggle with two balls in a way that isn't conducive to success. We unwittingly build up incorrect muscle memory which only confuses matters when we go on to attempt patterns that are slightly more complex – such as when adding a third ball into the equation.

The reality is, once you understand what you’re actually doing wrong and make corrections accordingly, things become much easier. When juggling two balls the right way, the pattern should remain relatively consistent each time you throw them up; both travelling in an arc trajectory towards each other at a uniform speed. It’s important not to let one ball travel higher than the other (so none of this tossing one up while letting it die down while throwing the other really high).

So as soon as you’ve mastered these basics with two balls and feel comfortable transferring those newly created muscle memories over to your third ball, you’ll be ready for adding it into your existing pattern. For example, if starting with your left hand first then have both hands working together so both throwballs will be on the left side (or vice versa for those wanting to start with their right hand!). The key phrase here is ‘without thinking’ – just make sure not too break from that unconscious muscle memory until you’ve gotten all three lobes properly up in synchrony.

So there you have it – if you finding yourself getting frustrated by your lack of progress juggling with three balls, don't give up! Chances are if you backtrack and fill whatever gap was missing in your two-ball juggling attempts before giving three another hope chances will improve rapidly. So trust in your newfound skills and go give it another shot! And when you're happy about it, think about what order things that you think are impossible you may be able to achieve if you just think a little bit ahead of time, just one step ahead, before you build the wrong muscle memory.

Martin Kalwill