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JUGGLING, Practices By Stewart L Sinclair

Watch the release party of Stewart Lawrence Sinclair’s new book on juggling, published by Duke University Press as part of their Practice series. In his book, Sinclair explores the four-thousand-year history and practice of juggling as seen through his life as a juggler.

The event took place at a bar in NYC’s East Village. Watch as Flow Juggle and their talented flowmies Mia Karina, Cristian, Donnel, Zoe, Yummy, Jeff, Dr Joe, Baseball Joe, Elliott and more show off their juggling skills. Flow Juggle will be performing with LED clubs and a knife while wearing clown shoes.

Don’t miss Christian and Elliot’s amazing balancing act with LED clubs and Mia juggling on a bathtub in a throne position while doing acro yoga with Doctor Joe underneath. It’s sure to be a night to remember!

You can soon find the book at Flow Juggle and it will also be presented at the International Jugglers Association in South Bend, IN and at the European Juggling Convention in Poland this year.