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Don't Jaywalk, Jay Juggle in New York. Jay Gilligan REFLEX Show, discount for Jugglers.

Master Juggler Jay Gilligan to Present Solo Show REFLEX. discount promo code for NY Jugglers

We are happy to offer the code FLOWJUGGLE for 10% of any in-person tickets to REFLEX for your groups/jugglers. Thanks , Josh Aviner

REFLEX is a series stories about gravity and stunning juggling sequences featuring Jay’s unique inventions, props, and robots, REFLEX is a one of kind theatrical experience. Discover secrets of a timeless craft, be mesmerized by visual music, and moved by the artistry of object manipulation. This astonishing international creative collaboration is playing for four weeks only from January 28th, to February 19th, 2022 at theater space Mitu580 in Brooklyn, New York.

PS: If you are not familiar with Jay Gilligan work, check out one of the most classic Jugglers Ted Talk