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NYC is going to have a free fire outdoor show for the second time ever! Please support combustion NY

If you are interested in helping The Floasis raise money for Combustion, come to this meeting so we can start the Kickstarter! What is Combustion? Last year, the Floasis made history by producing NYC's first ever free public fire show and it was a hit! heres a video! The show will return this year July 18th but we are not stopping at just an event, we are forming a nonprofit organization called Combustion Inc. This organization will give independant fire artists access to free or affordable city permits as well as filing assistance and fire safety equipment rental. Combustion Goal $2,000 How is this different from The Floasis? For one, The Floasis is a venue, not a service. This means we can take our show on the road and light up new venues with a wider variety of contributing artists. Combustion will certainly help The Floasis in its mission of spreading safe fire arts throughout the city. Combustion will operate rehearsals and meeting out of The Floasis and help keep the space running as well. Ultimately if rent increases push The Floasis out of its space, Combustion will continue. Save the Floasis goal $5,000



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