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PLAY brand UV light reactive drumsticks.
Rechargeable battery, programmable with magnet, 43 colors.

Chronos JS2 is the latest version of a Devil Stick from KOSMOS JUGGLING. Made with a Polycarbonate core, two light club handles to give it a conical shape and covered in transparent rubber to increase friction with the drumsticks.

The exclusive JS2 system allows light sequences to be synchronized by simply bringing any JS2 product closer to each other.

In August 2023 we include the white color.

The lighting core has 6 state-of-the-art LEDs called ultra-brightness (+9000 mcd) that are strategically located to achieve perfect light distribution. At KOSMOS we believe in protecting the planet and in the correct use of resources, that is why we choose rechargeable batteries for our products. For this we select NiMH batteries, since they are the most recommended for products that are under constant stress and allow them to be used for more hours than other types of batteries.

  • Rechargeable

  • 4 to 8 hours of Light

  • Magnetic Programming

  • 43 Colors (fixed, strobe and combined in pairs)

  • Fixed programs

  • Customizable programs

LED Devil Stick CHRONOS JS2 Kosmos

لا يتبقى في المخزون سوى 3
    • 320 grams
    • 61cm long
    • Conical format.
    • Rechargeable battery, programmable with magnet, 43 colors.
  • Download the user manual in both English and Spanish by clicking the link below:

    [📚 Go to User Manual Page]

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