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Flowmies & Flow Juggle got featured @Downtown Brooklyn on CBS Local News!

Just walking out of CBS building, from working With Paris, the Hip Hop Juggler, Amadeus Lopez and a whole LOT bunch of the most talented Clowns and Unicyclists in town, sich as Kings Charles Troupe, and so many other wonderful Circus Talented People, that I rather do not continue the list, because of the unnavoidable omitions, and I will forget a lot of them, that deserve to be mention as well. We will take care of it, Properly, In time, After this show is aired we will post Everyone with their names and thanks so you get to know them as well.

As I was saying, Walking out of this Dream Gig, on a show that I cannot mention (yet, stay tuned), find our Flowmies Fam and myself on the CBS NYC Local News. Don't worry, not in a bad way (this time), the TV is Showing Vids of some of my favorite people: Kids Hula Hooping around, with the Amazing Roller Boogie, Andrea Flow Flowing with her Magic Levi Wand, Megumis Circus, gloriously spreading those beautiful LED wings on the stilts and , yours truly (@flowjuggle) Dancing, tossingand catching the Kosmos JS2 Led Juggling Clubs, wearing GarCigars (Cigar Boxes) Hoodie from our Mexican 🎪 Circus Fam. Kick Opening the holiday season in Downtown Brooklyn. NYC @downtownbrooklyn

I believe it was Emerson who said that the taste of the apple is neither in the apple nor on the mouth or tongue, it requires the meeting of them to exist. Happy Holidays Fam!


Flow Juggle ✨️ 💕