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Dance Parade and New Bryant Park Updates!

Hello Flowmies! The NYC Hoop Troupe is preparing for the Dance Parade this May 21st, Our Hoopers friends are meeting to practice every Sunday in Bryant Park from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM. They will be preparing a beautiful 40-second choreography for the grandstand, whether you juggle 3 hoops, or can barely hula hoop, if you have a hoop please bring it. It doesn't matter if you Juggle or do Levi wand, Double Staff, Poi, or Diabolo, you can join the practice and bring ideas for the show, do you need new toys? take a look at our props and reach out if you are looking for Hoops, we have some extra models, including poly that is not even listed yet Instagram +1 914 882 4866

Enlighten us with your creativity playing and have fun at the dance parade, NYC Hoop troupe meet-up info!

And Today, like every Tuesday, we'll be Juggling at Bryant Park from 6:30 pm, then at 8:30 pm, we go to Washington Square Park. And tomorrow Wednesday we have our Wednesday Jam at Washington Square Park from 6:30 pm till late.




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