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Hoop, Juggle and Unicycle, on the same day!!! (not to mention fire arts, if U R a pro) Circus Jam an

Jam + 3 Free Classes!!! (5pm to 8 pm) FREE CLASSES JAN 7 5 PM Rachel teach Hula Hoop 6 PM Juggling Class 7:00 pm Unicycling Class, starting an amazing week of free classes at Floasis!!! Open Sundays Circus Jam @ The Floasis. Gathering of Juggler, Hoopers, Poi, Levi and "Spinners" in general: for practicing together. All levels are welcome, come to share our practice. Provide an opportunity for experienced jugglers to lit up torches on a safe and supportive environment. We have a wall full of toys for you to play including our NEW JUGGLING Shop (and the online shop) Flow Juggle & Where you can find great Juggling Clubs, Led's, Torches, Diabolos, Bouncing balls and more with Duvetyns, props and fire retardant T-Shirts, pants and accessories. HABLAMOS ESPAÑOL!!! Orale, Chido, Copado, Buena onda, Posta! Circus Jam is part of Floasis Circus Sundays, and that also includes (optional): FREE CLASS JAN 7 5 PM Rachel teach Hula Hoop FREE CLASS Jan 7! 6 PM Juggling Class ($15) FREE CLASS Jan 7! 7:00 pm Unicycling Class ($15) You don't need to take any classes to join us to join Floasis Sundays Circus Jam! Want to buy Juggling equipment?Henry's Clubs $25 Each Balls set of 3 $22 Led Balls $15 and much more...www.flowjuggle.comSuggested donations $5, and extra $5 if you use our

Hope to see you soon! Happy Flow !