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The Evolution is a revolutionary new diabolo design featuring Sundia's patented Stability Ring and Hybrid Axle. 

The new plastic 'Stability rings' dramatically increases the centrifugal force of the spinning diabolo. This gives the Evolution the stability and spin of much heavier diabolos, even though it weighs in at only 250g. The new plastic rings replace the metal version on earlier generations and have the major advantage of allowing light to pass through them. This makes the Evo 5 look incredible when used with a LED light kit.

The Hybrid Axle is a combination of a durable central spindle and lightweight teflon coated aluminum sides. 
This not only reduces the central weight but also string friction, allowing for multiple wraps (without string snags) and much longer spin times.

The Evolution also features a new cup material which is both super durable and easy to clean. 
The outer cup surface has been specially ''blasted'' to give it a matte finish which reduces friction from the sticks and string making corrections easier.

Sundia EVO Evolution Fixed Axle Diabolo

  • Weight: 250g

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