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What's in a juggling ball? The simple answer is most of the times millet or bird seeds. In some cases they could have liquid silicone or Sun and in a few rare locations they are hollow. That's of course if we are not talking about bouncing, fire or LED balls. What make it a JUGGLING BALL? The 1st thing you want, Is that when they fall they don't roll away from you, You still have to pick them up but you won't need to chase them around. Except for some hybrids, made for contact ( while still juggable") We use different variations of what is called a beanbag. They come in multiple shapes, while most of them are still quite round, The number of panels and their shape, as well as the materials can really make a difference in keeping them that way ( Round, that is) as opposed to start looking like a pancake after a few years. All of our balls are made with the highest quality Faux leather, come In high visibility colors, shiny and pretty for any stage and very resilient for "all terrain" gypsy souls. Very Glowy on Black Light


SET OF 3 Flow Juggle UV Pro 6 Panel Star Shape Strong faux leather for extraordinary resilience, rough enough for outdoor juggling. Available in a wide range of awesome colors.SKU: BAL-444Diameter: 69mmBrand: Flow Juggle Filling: Sterilised Seeds Style: Firm 6P Star Weight: 120g

SET OF 3 Flow Juggle UV Pro Panel 6 Star Balls, 3 Balls

  • Beatifull Juggling Balls, great for practice and stage. All levels. Juggle Dream UV Pro 6 panel Star

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