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Set of 3 Kosmos JS2 LED clubs + Charger

Kosmos 'Supernova JS2' LED Juggling Club
The Kosmos JS2 LED juggling club is the perfect choice for serious jugglers. This product has no moving parts and features long-lasting LEDs that can be programmed and turned on and off with a magnet – making it the most durable juggling prop available. With a lifespan of over 6 years, this product is three times more reliable than any other juggling device you'll find in the market.

Launching in early 2000, the Kosmos JS2 LED juggling club has had plenty of time to be tested and perfected for unrivaled reliability. Backed by so many years of experience, this product offers jugglers peace of mind when performing. Allowing advanced maneuvers without fear that your equipment will break mid-show makes it one of few juggling props you can truly trust to perform over decades - perfect for everyone from hobbyists to professional performers.


The Supernova JS2 is the most versatile club in the Kosmos range and includes several features not available on the standard Super Nova.The three main feature which separates this from the non JS2 products are:JS2 Connectivity - This allows any JS2 prop to communicate with any other within a 20cm range. This means you need only ever program one master prop and set your others to copy it. This saves programming all the props separately and guarantees they synchronize.Touch sensitivity. This allows Js2 props to change color on the catch. There are 6 programs which use the touch sensitivity feature.Dual memory bank. This allows the user to pre-program a second function which can be instantly accessed without having enter programming mode. With one touch of the magnet, you can switch to a second effect.The Super Nova JS2 has 23 programs. As well as 8 preset programs there are 15 customizable settings. These settings have 42 colours available on each of the two colour settings, resulting in over 1500 possible colour combinations and three different strobe frequencies. Navigating these programs is controlled by touching the body of the club with a magnet (supplied).The body of this club is made from tough polypropylene and has rubber ends to help absorb the impact from drops. These clubs are slightly shorter than a standard juggling club but still juggle very well.The internal rechargable battery gives 3-6 hours of glow time, depending on the program you are using. It has an automatic power off function to protect the battery life when the battery is getting too low. The battery is recharged from the mains using a charger (sold separately).*Length: 48 cm*Weight 240 gr*Polypropylene body with rubber tip ends.*Reinforced shockproof design*23 customizable programs. User can select one or two colours, mixed or combined at different speeds.*There are 42 colours and more than 1500 combinations.*Juggling synchronization system (JS2). It can synchronize with any other JS2 product*Magnetic programming*Dual program feature (stores 2 programs)*Touch sensor technology (with dedicated programs)*3 to 6 hours of glowing time (depending of the program)*Rechargeable with integrated battery charging controller with auto 'power off' on low battery conditions to protect the battery life..


SKU: GLO-024 ID#: 13534 Manufacturer: Kosmos Handle: Short - Wrapped Deco: NA Player Level: Intermediate - Advanced Length: 24"" inch Brand: Kosmos Style: LED - Medium Spin Weight: 240g

Set of 3 Kosmos JS2 LED clubs + Charger

  • Length: 48cm

    Weight: 240g

    Battery Life: 3-6 hours

    Touch Sensitive Programs: The Touch Sensor technology available in all JS2 products use a new featured touch detector that activates on every single hand shock while juggling.

    JS2 Magnetic Programming: This exclusive technology of Kosmos Malabares called JS2, moves the juggling into the new communication age. KOSMOS JS2 products incorporates a innovative communication module that transmits and receive information between devices making a complete synchronization. The complete synchronization includes color, speed, sequences and programs.JS2 does not increase the power consumption significantly. It work with low power technology that will not reduce the battery operation time.


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