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Made in Germany. 1st choice for first Pro Clubs, Numbers and Winter Juggling. Henry's Delphin are light and precise. Low impact. Resilient, great modern clubs for all jugglers.


When the team at Henry's attempted to make a budget club that still performed alongside it's circus range they truly out did themselves. The 52cm Delphin now has a fan base in its own right. The short one-piece handles are a little firmer than the wrapped alternatives, but narrow enough to make holding 2-3 in each hand pleasurable. The Solid construction and lack of decoration means that this is an ideal training club. Some numbers jugglers warm to Delphin clubs because of their balance and lightness compared to similar clubs on the market. EVA knobs and ends have been used to protect the vulnerable fall points on the club. Highly recommended club for demanding club jugglers.

Manufacturer:Henry's Juggling
Player Level:Everyone
Length:20.47" inch


Henry's Delphin single club

  • Length: 52cm

    Weight: 205g

    Handle: Short one-piece

    Style: Trainer

    Skill Level: Everyone

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