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Kosmos LUNAR LED Juggling Ball - 75mm Lunar is the State of the art, programable and rechargeable LED juggling ball from Kosmos. Feature more than a dozen preset programs and 42 colors which can be navigated by swiping a magnet (supplied) against the ball. Combining colors and modes give you more than 1500 possible combinations. The weight, texture, and Balance, makes contact juggling feel like a crystal ball, but with a resilience unchallenged by any other ball in the market. The secret of strength is a brilliantly smart design solution. It has no moving parts! The magnet (included) lets you control it without any mechanical friction, which inevitably affects lifespan on other products. The programs are  

1/Rainbow effect slow, plus strobe.

2/Rainbow effect fast.





7/Light blue.

8/Sequence 1 - Red, green, blue, violet plus strobe.

9/Sequence 2 - Emerald, pink plus strobe.

10/Sequence 3 - Yellow, violet plus strobe.

11/Sequence 4 - Blue, orange plus strobe.

12/Sequence 5 - Red, sky blue plus strobe.

13/Demo mode: Displays programs 1-12 changing every 15 seconds.

The Kosmos Lunar takes 14 hours to reach maximum charge and features battery protection which prevents the ball from overcharging.*Diameter: 75mm*Weight: 170g*42 colors*13 basic programs*Includes demo mode*3-6 hours of operation guaranteed*Automatic shutdown at low battery*On, off and programming magnet (Magnetic programming)N.B Please note: the price is for three balls. FREE CHARGER AND (3 prongs) DISTRIBUTOR when you buy 3 or more)

Magnetic program - User manual 


SET of 3 Big 75mm Kosmos LUNAR LED Juggling Balls + Charger (3 prongs Multi)

Only 2 left in stock
  • Diameter: 75mm

    Weight: 170g

    Magnetic Programming: Magnetic programming® This technology have been developed by Kosmos Malabares in 2006. Since that time it has changed the standard in illuminated juggling products making easier to use and durable. The main features are:  Shockproof design  Not affected by intensive use or time.  Allows to choose 42 colors / 1500 color combinations.  Easy to turn on/off  Program memory, do not need to select the program on every use.  It works with every conventional mid power magnet.

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