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Are you ready to unleash your inner dragon and light up the night with a stunning fire or LED prop? Look no further than the Rainbow Dragon Adapter Cuffs from Gora Fire Equipment. These cuffs are the lightest on the market, weighing only 65g per cuff and 272g per cuff with 4 spikes. They are made from 6082 aluminum, which is reliable, solid, and easy to handle. The spikes are made from 7075 space tech aluminum alloy, which is so light that it allows an 8mm diameter for each spike without compromising on stability or impact resistance.

The Rainbow Dragon Adapter Cuffs can connect to any staff with a diameter of 25mm or less. You just need to use some aluminum tape to adjust the diameter if your staff is thinner than 25mm. You can also use some strong tape under the cuffs to protect the silicone surface from scratching. The cuffs are compatible with either a Gora Contact Staff (solid or collapsible) if you want a 10-headed Dragonstaff, or a Gora Rainbow Dragon Staff Light (aluminum or carbon, solid or collapsible) if you want an 8-headed Dragonstaff.

The connection of the spikes to the cuffs is a quick link solution, which makes assembly and disassembly easy. It is made of threaded ball spring plungers. For practice sessions, you can attach the spikes by hand, but for fire spinning, we recommend tightening them with a screwdriver/Alan key to avoid losing them at high speeds. Please take care of your spikes and avoid damaging the connective areas of the prop.

The price for a pair of cuffs, including 8 spikes, is only $242! You can buy them at and check out to see them in action. You might need to make a cut on the silicone to make it fit depending on the model of your staff.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to transform any staff into a breathtaking fire or LED prop with the Rainbow Dragon Adapter Cuffs from Gora Fire Equipment. Order yours today and let your inner dragon soar!

Rainbow Gora Fire Dragon Adapter Cuff

स्टॉक में केवल 3 ही शेष हैं

    Based on experience with previous versions of Dragonstaff designs using Dragon Adapter Cuffs, this latest model incorporates 19 years of experience with the Dragonstaff and 6 years of experience with the Dragon Adapter Cuff design. 

    Our new Rainbow Dragon Adapter Cuffs are the lightest Dragon Adapter Cuffs on the market (65g / adapter cuff, 272g / cuff with 4 spikes), and at the same time as strong and reliable as ever.  


    Quick link solution for instant assembling and disassembling: The connection of the spikes to the cuff is a quick link solution, which makes assembly and disassembly very quick and easy. The link is made using ball bearings fixed by steel springs, which can be fastened or loosened using the upper screws. Inserting and removing the spikes into/from the Adapter Cuff therefore takes only a single push/pull movement and does not require screwing movement or any tools. 

    Rainbow Adapter Cuff fits 4 spikes each, making it suitable for 8-headed or 10-headed Dragons.

    The Rainbow Adapter Cuff and the spikes are made of 7075 space tech aluminum alloy, which is so lightweight it allows an 8 mm diameter for each of the spikes without sacrificing stability or impact resistance. 

    Package contents

    This item includes:

    • a pair of Rainbow Adapter Cuffs in the color of your choice (you can choose 1 color or 2 colors if you choose 2 colors you can combine the 2 colors into one cuff)
    • 8 quick link spikes with fire heads (normal or large heads)
    • Alan key

    Your choices

    The Rainbow Adapter Cuff can connect to any staff with 22 mm diameter.


    We recommend using the Rainbow Adapter Cuffs with either: 

    • If you prefer a 10-headed Dragonstaff: A Gora Contact Staff (solid Fire Contact Staff or the portable Collapsible Contact Staff). In this case your Dragonstaff will have 10 (2x5) fire heads total, with one large dancing flame and a ring of fire when you roll your Dragon. If you prefer the 10-headed version, order the Gora Contact Staff of your choice + this item, which includes the adapter and the spikes with fire heads.


    • If you prefer a 8-headed Dragonstaff: A Gora Rainbow Dragon Staff Light (aluminum or carbon version, solid or collapsible version can be chosen under "Customize") designed for 8 (2x4) fire heads play, resulting in the lightest version of a Dragonstaff. If you prefer the 8-headed version, set parameters of the Gora Rainbow Dragon Staff Light, which includes the staff of your choice, the adapter and the spikes with fire heads.


    Important Note: We have recently upgraded the Rainbow Adapter from 25 mm to 22 mm diameter. We made this upgrade so the adapter goes directly on the aluminum core, and not on the silicone. This enhanced stability from the previous models and increases longevity of the adapter screws in case of falls.


    If you already have a Gora Staff and you want to upgrade it with this adapter, you need to cut the silicone on your staff before you place the new Rainbow Adapter.


    Recommendations for use

    • Choose the length of your Dragonstaff such that the distance between the two spike-crosses is at least 120 cm. For a Dragon Staff Light (for 8-heads) this means that the shortest recommended length of the staff is 120 cm. For a Contact Staff (10-heads) this means that we recommend a staff at least 150 cm long, in which case you should fix the spike-cross right next to the main fire head. 
    • Do not fasten the fixing screws in the Adapter Cuff too tight, it is sufficient to tighten it enough so that the Adapter Cuff (the cross) does not turn when you roll your staff. If you fix your screws too tight, you risk damaging the silicone on your staff or causing damage if your staff falls. 
    • For practice sessions you can apply the spikes by hand, but for fire spinning we recommend checking / tightening them to avoid losing them at high rotation speeds.


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