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Orbit 2.1 Kosmos Juggling
The Kosmos Orbit has a system that has been tested for years, since it is the light core of the Lunar balls, which we have been manufacturing for almost 20 years. Kosmos light products are turned on, off and programmed with a magnet, which makes their use on stage easier since it does not require a partner or the use of external controls, the artist can place the magnet in his costume and when passing the Orbit close, this one will light up.

It has two metal springs that attach to the center of Orbit to achieve a floating effect.

Technical characteristics:
* 50 mm long
* 160 grams (including the springs)
* 3 to 6 hours of light depending on the program used
* rechargeable, have NiMH type batteries, without memory effect
* 43 colors that can be used fixed, flashing at various speeds or combine them in pairs, that is, you can choose 2 colors and when flashing it will alternately show one or the other
* fixed programs of mixed colors 

Orbit LED Kosmos Juggling

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