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 "Juggling" by Stewart Lawrence Sinclair:

Juggling can become a way of life. With this book, readers will learn the history, techniques, and strategies of juggling, as well as the philosophical and spiritual aspects of the practice. This book is perfect for anyone interested in improving their juggling skills or learning the history of this fascinating art form. 

With a unique blend of personal experience and scholarly research, Sinclair captures the essence of what it means to be a juggler. It is an essential book for any serious juggler. Get "Juggling" today at our juggling shop



"Juggling" is a memoir, an analysis, and a guide that explores the four-thousand-year history and practice of juggling as seen through Sinclair’s life as a juggler. The book is published by Duke University Press as part of their "Practices" series. The "Practices" series shows how an ordinary activity like fishing, running, or juggling helps us come to understand ourselves and the world around us. Sinclair—who learned to juggle as a child and paid his way through college by busking—shares his experiences of taking up juggling after an episode of suicidal ideation, his time juggling on the streets, and ultimately finding comfort in juggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. In many ways, this is a book about loss and recovery.

From his own juggling story to clowns braving military checkpoints in Bosnia and Rwanda to perform in refugee camps to contemporary avant-garde performances, Sinclair shows how the universal language of juggling provides joy as well as a respite from difficulties during hard times.


The book is divided into thirteen chapters, each of which explores a different aspect of juggling.


The first chapter, "Cirque du Covid," describes Sinclair's experience of juggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The second chapter, "The 3 -Body Problem," discusses the physics of juggling.

The third chapter, "La Strata," describes Sinclair's experiences juggling on the streets.

The fourth chapter, "Historical Arcs," explores the history of juggling.

The fifth chapter, "Isla Vista," describes Sinclair's experiences juggling in college.

The sixth chapter, "441," discusses the mathematics of juggling.

The seventh chapter, "Makeup," explores the use of makeup in juggling performances.

The eighth chapter, "Cascade," describes Sinclair's experiences learning to juggle five balls.

The ninth chapter, "Lodi," discusses the use of music in juggling performances.

The tenth chapter, "Improvising," explores improvisation in juggling performances.

The eleventh chapter, "Mardi Gras World," describes Sinclair's experiences performing at Mardi Gras.

The twelfth chapter, "Light-Hearted Humans," discusses the role of humor in juggling performances.

Finally, the thirteenth chapter, "Cirque de Kabul," describes Sinclair's experiences teaching juggling to children in Afghanistan.

Foreword Reviews describes "Juggling" as "a powerful book about the practice of juggling—and the benefits of perseverance." lists it as one of the best books for 2022


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"Juggling" Book by Stewart Lawrence Sinclair

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