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Throwing Fire Staff 80 cm / head 50 mm.
A thin, short and very durable staff. Perfect for throwing, juggling and isolations

Price for one staff.


Amount of kevlar used: 1 m
Width of the kevlar: 50 mm
Weight: 250 g
Diameter: 16 mm

This staff is ideal for effortless, quick spinning and throwing, and is particularly popular for double staff manipulation thanks to its small weight, which allows for smooth and delicate movements. Perfect for fun with one, two or more staffs.
Our staff features a sweat-absorbing wrap that ensures a consistent grip, and shiny, decorative elements that help to localize the grip at night. The kevlar fixture is now completely free of exposed metal, an important safety feature.

Please note that this staff should not be burned to the end. If you see a blue flame, it means you should immediately put it out. The best way to extinguish the flame is to stifle it with a fire blanket. After usage, soak the prop in the same oil you have been using before. Do not light it right after using – wait until it gets cold. 

Please note that this product is dangerous and should only be used by people with experience in working with fire. Neither the shop nor the producer takes responsibility for damages caused by incorrect use of this equipment.

Throwing Fire Staff Kuglarstwo

Solo 2 disponible(s)
  • Features:

    • Amount of kevlar used: 1 m
    • Width of the kevlar: 50 mm
    • Weight: 250 g
    • Diameter: 16 mm
    • Sweat absobing wrap ensures a consistent grip
    • No exposed metal parts on the wicks
    • Shiny, decorative elements help to localize the grip at night

    Price for one staff.

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