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Nunchaku 2.1 LED Kosmos Juggling

Each light stick that makes up this Nunchaku works individually.
It is programmed with a magnet, has 43 colors to choose from, and can be freely combined in pairs. It also comes with fixed programs that combine more colors.


The Kosmos Nunchaku is made with a Polycarbonate core covered in Polypropylene, which makes it extremely resistant. Each of the sticks can be programmed individually.
The lighting core has 2 state-of-the-art LEDs called ultra-brightness (+9000 mcd) that are strategically located to achieve perfect light distribution. At KOSMOS we believe in protecting the planet and in the correct use of resources, that is why we choose rechargeable batteries for our products. For this we select NiMH batteries, since they are the most recommended for products that are under constant stress and allow them to be used for more hours than other types of batteries.

* Rechargeable
* 4 to 8 hours of Light
* Magnetic Programming
* 43 Colors (fixed, strobe and combined in pairs)
* Fixed programs
* Customizable programs
* Each stick measures 30cm and the chain 20cm, but we can make it to the size you want, just write us your recommendations.

LED Nun chucks Kosmos

Solo 2 disponible(s)
  • The length of each stick is 30cm, the length of the chain is 20cm.

    The price includes charger, magnet and backpack.

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