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Master Diabolo Skills with Our Beginner to Advanced Combo Set

Our top-selling diabolo meets our smoothest hand sticks in one can't-miss combo set. The Cyclone Classic Diabolo features triple bearings for incredibly long and smooth spins to help you progress from basic tosses to more advanced tricks. Its upgraded scratch resistant cups can withstand even epic failures as you push your skills. Combine it with the lightweight yet durable Superglaas Handsticks, which have just the right amount of flex and cushioned padding for grind after grind.

This versatile set allows beginners to quickly pick up the basics while giving seasoned tossers new dimensions of control. Watch your diabolo handling advance in leaps and bounds using Juggle Dream's most popular model. The bright colors even make basic spins into a visual treat.

When ordering this combo, please note that the Cyclone Diabolo comes in a vibrant orange color only and the Superglaas Handsticks are available in pink. So you'll get a coordinating set allowing full focus on building your diabolo skills rather than worrying about style.

Take your toss juggling to the next level by picking up this top-selling diabolo and hand stick bundle today and enjoy big savings over buying them separately!

Combo Diabolo Cyclone + Handstick Superglass JD

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