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Kosmos LUNAR LED Juggling Ball - 75mm
Lunar is the State of the art, programable and rechargeable LED juggling ball from Kosmos. Feature more than a dozen preset programs and 42 colors which can be navigated by swiping a magnet (supplied) against the ball. Combining colors and modes gives you more than 1500 posible combinations. The weight, texture and Balance, makes contact juggling feel like a crystal ball, but with a resilience unchallenged by any other ball in the market. The secret of the strenght is a brillantly smart design solution. It has no moving parts! The magnet (ncluded) let you control it without any mechanical friction, that inevitavely affect lifespam on other products. The programs are:1/Rainbow effect slow, plus strobe.2/Rainbow effect fast.3/Violet.4/Emerald.5Pink.6/Green7/Light blue.8/Sequence 1 - Red, green, blue, violet plus strobe.9/Sequence 2 - Emerald, pink plus strobe.10/Sequence 3 - Yellow, violet plus strobe.11/Sequence 4 - Blue, orange plus strobe.12/Sequence 5 - Red, sky blue plus strobe.13/Demo mode: Displays programs 1-12 changing every 15 seconds.The Kosmos Lunar  takes 14 hours to reach maximum charge and features battery protection which prevents the ball from overcharging.*Diameter: 75mm*Weight: 170g*42 colors*13 basic programs*Includes demo mode*3-6 hours of operation guaranteed*Automatic shutdown at low battery*On, off and programming magnet (Magnetic programming)N.B Please note: the price is for one ball. Charger sold separately. 
FREE CHARGER AND (3 prongs) DISTRIBUTOR when you buy 3 or more)
Magnetic program - User manual Link

						SKU:			GLO-019							Brand:			Kosmos							Diameter:			75mm							Weight:			170g

Kosmos LUNAR LED Juggling Ball - 75mm Great for Contact