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The Cyclone Classic was the first triple bearing diabolo made by Juggle Dream and proved so popular, it is still in production today. The Classic Cyclone uses a sophisticated axle fitted with 2 x ring bearings and a central cylinder bearing which allow exceptionally long spin times compared to conventional fixed axle diabolos. The Classic Cyclone is suitable for total beginners, those wanting to graduate onto their first bearing diabolo or even advanced diaboloists. You can expect this diabolo to open up your customer's trick repertoire in a big way!

The 2014 model has been re-released with upgraded scratch resistant TPU cups. These are much tougher than the original and will handle constant drops from even the highest throws.

Please use the drop-down menu to select your colour choice or choose 'mixed colours' to receive a good selection.

Cyclone Classic V1 - Orange

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